Step 1: Understanding My Strengths

This is step one in my summer goal to conquer classroom management.

When I was first hired, my principal had me take the strengths finders test and gave me a book, “Strengths Finder 2.0” by Tom Rath. It’s based on the idea that you can only build up something you’re not naturally good at so much, but if you work on something you have a natural talent for, you can build it up to the max. It also takes less effort (or at least feels like less effort) and is more encouraging to build up a strength rather than a weakness. They use the formula “Talent X Investment = Strength” to show that if you have a low talent, even if you invest a lot in building up that talent, it can still only get so strong. But imagine the strength if you put a high investment in something that is already a high talent! That’s what I will be focusing on in this post series: my top five strengths and how I can best utilize them in the classroom. The idea is that this will help me figure out how I want/need my classroom to work which will help me build up my classroom management plan. I may also spend some time figuring out what my lesser talents are so I can be aware of things that probably won’t work for me. I can also see if any of my teacher partners have strengths that I am weak in and learn to rely more on them in those areas (23 Rath).

In addition to the strengths finder website and the book, I will be using “Teach With Your Strengths” by Rosanne Liesveld and Jo Ann Miller as a resource for studying my strengths. There is also a Gallup Strengths Center YouTube Channel that I will be checking out since they have informational videos on all the strengths. Some of what I record here will be specific ideas from one of those resources and some will be my own reflections and epiphanies on what I read and watch.

I will be looking at each strength one day at a time so I can really dive into the depths of each strength. My top five strengths in order are: Relator, Analytical, Individualization, Responsibility, and Intellection.

Please let me know if you have any other resources for me to check out while I’m on this journey of self-discovery.


Author: Brandy

Just your average badass who has overcome codependency, depression, anxiety, and is living life to the fullest with a career I love and am passionate about, a relationship that is super healthy and fulfilling, a great social life, and personal hobbies that I enjoy. I continue to work hard to improve myself and improve the lives of those I am fortunate enough to be around.

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